Kona Peaberry Coffee  8 oz / 227 gr
Kona Peaberry Coffee  8 oz / 227 gr

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Kona Peaberry Coffee 8 oz / 227 gr

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About Kona Coffee

The highest grade of Kona Coffee, comprising of less than 5% of the Harvest.

Though most coffee cherries that produce two beans per cherry, peaberries consist of a single, round, dense bean in each cherry.

Distinguishable by its round pea shape, this coffee is selectively handpicked from the lot and roasted separately.

Philippe and Pierre Padovani, only use the world's most unique coffee. The coffee in this bag is grown, roasted and packaged in Hawaii. With Hawaii's special microclimate, rich volcanic soil, pollution free environment, long sunny days and over 107 years of coffee culture you can be assured of drinking an outstanding product. This coffee is hand picked, sorted by color and roasted by a specialty Hawaiian roaster that only produces the coffee at the time it is needed and to the exacting specifications of the Padovani Brothers. Hawaiian coffee is known for its lower acidity, with a sweet and nutty taste, medium body with a very smooth finish.