World Chocolate Day 2021

World Chocolate Day in 2021 is on Sunday, the 7th of July (7/7/2021).

World Chocolate Day (sometimes called International Chocolate Day) occurs globally every year on the 7th of July.

In the United States, International Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 13th of September.

The National Chocolate Day was created by the National Confectioners Association, and occurs on the 28th of October

In addition to World Chocolate Day, National Chocolate Lovers’ Month is celebrated during the month of February.

So, in conclusion:

  • World Chocolate Day - 7th of July
  • International Chocolate Day (US) - 13th of September
  • National Chocolate Day (National Confectioners Association) - 28th October
  • National Chocolate Lovers’ Month - February

So just pick the Chocolate Day you like, or even better, celebrate them all...